my cozy book nook


Stephanie Cross is lover of stories.

I come from a family of storytellers.

When we gather—birthdays, holidays, funerals, just grilling out in the summer—we share stories. And I’ve learned there’s a special magic to telling our stories to people who listen with wrapt attention—especially around the warmth of a cozy fire on a southern fall night.

But more than that, as I’ve loved and lost, moved and stayed, rooted myself and grown, my heart cries for more stories to be written down in pen and ink. Savored. Saved. Because I think when we lose our stories, we lose pieces of ourselves. And in writing stories, whether true or based on a true story or made up entirely, I think we find those pieces and begin to put them back together again.

So, I am a storyteller. I tell true stories and help others tell theirs as a non-fiction writer and editor, but I have a separate website for that. This is a space for the tales that lead me into another world, and tales through which, one day, I hope to lead others to get lost in a world I’ve created. 

Whether you’re a writer of fiction or a fan, like me—welcome. There’s space for you here. And I, for one, can’t wait to meet you!



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