Meet Me in the Margins by Melissa Ferguson


Meet Me in the Margins



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Talon David



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This was such a cute and uplifting story. I never know exactly how I’ll feel about first person books, but with this one, I felt like I was living the story—and I loved it. 

Savannah and I share a love of books and of non-fiction editing. I saw so much of myself in her. As an editor, I learned to soften my notes and questions after being a writer myself. Like her, I also dream of one day writing a novel. One day . . .

William, Will, in some ways, reminded me of Mr. Darcy. He was kind, gentlemanly, wise and yet . . . misunderstood. He comes across a bit dark, stormy, and brooding at first, but as you get to know him, you’ll see that’s really not true. Not at all. Honestly, I wish we’d seen more of Will.

After being an editor in the heart of Nashville for four years, this one really hit home and reminded me of all the good things about working in an office with other publishers. The conference vibes, with the late night and early morning prep and sometimes delirious laughter with your booth partner. The frequent coffee runs. The need to sometimes step away and escape for just a few minutes. And of course, the love of books and helping authors tell the story that’s on their hearts.

I could go on and on about the elements of this book that I loved, but that would spoil the story. It’s sweet in a Hallmark-y sort of way and just what I needed in a busy publishing season myself.

So, if you’re looking for a lighthearted read that focuses on books, publishing, and romance, you’ll really enjoy Meet Me in the Margins!

*Just a quick heads up, if you have been emotionally abused or manipulated by family, parts of this book could be tough for you to read. Savannah’s family isn’t quite as lovable as her.


I’m doubting myself, ergo, I must be a real writer after all.

Savannah, 1:27:35-1:27:37, Chapter 4

Our eyes hold, and for a long moment we just smile. A warmth spreads through me. I can’t define it exactly, but if it were a scent, it’d be eggnog sprinkled with nutmeg. If a sound, it’d be the footsteps of a dear friend on your front porch.


My Take

Our pasts can threaten to overwhelm us and seep into the foundation of our future if we’re not careful. We can love people without becoming doormats, used up for others’ gain or happiness. All people need love, respect, and dignity.

I’d love to hear from you! What Melissa Ferguson book is your favorite? What were your thoughts on this one? What other romance books have you read and enjoyed? Or what are you reading right now that you really love? Drop a comment below!

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