The Bookshop of Secrets by Mollie Rushmeyer

The Bookshop of Secrets

by Mollie Rushmeyer

Mollie writes contemporary fiction with a heart for history. What does this mean exactly? She loves to write inspirational fiction in contemporary settings with fascinating historical elements, people, objects, and stories woven throughout.

A modern girl herself, she wouldn’t want to go a day without modern plumbing and central air! But she’s always felt a special connection to the past. The legacies and lives left behind are like gifts waiting to be unwrapped, and she’s excited to share this blend of history and contemporary living with readers.

A born and bred Midwestern gal, Mollie Rushmeyer makes her home in central Minnesota with her husband and two spunky, beautiful daughters. She is not only a bibliophile (the dustier the better, in her opinion), she’s a true anglophile at heart. Tea and coffee fuel her travels, by Google maps at least, and her passion for the written word.

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction (Christian) | Mystery | Romance

Star Rating: ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


A collection of lost books holds the clues to her family’s legacy . . . and her future.

Hope Sparrow has mastered the art of outrunning her tragic past, learning never to stay anywhere too long and never to allow anyone control over her life again. Coming to Wanishin Falls in search of her family’s history already feels too risky. But somewhere in the towering stacks of this dusty old bookshop are the books that hold Hope’s last ties to her late mother—and to a rumored family treasure that could help her start over.

Only, the bookshop is in shambles, and the elderly owner is in the beginning stages of dementia and can’t remember where the books lie. To find the last links to the loved ones she’s lost, Hope must stay and accept help from the townsfolk to locate the treasured volumes. Each secret she uncovers brings her closer to understanding where she came from. But the longer she stays in the quaint town, the more people find their way into the cracks in her heart. And letting them in may be the greatest risk of all.

As a lover of books and a good mystery, of course the idea of a mystery centered around a bookshop intrigued me. The story was simple, straightforward, and dealt with tough topics but didn’t get too heavy or detailed. At times, I felt like the characters probably could’ve moved forward a little quicker than they did, but for the most part, this was an incredibly enjoyable read.

The bookshop and its owners—Ulysses and Mags—are some of my favorites in the entire story. You’ll have to read it and fall in love with them yourself, but Mags and Ulysses’s romance is heartbreaking and endearing. That’s all I’ll say about it. Oh, and you book lovers, watch out for Ulysses’s wit and wisdom. Tate was a welcome surprise, and Kat’s sass will leave you wishing for a friend like her. But Hope and Ronan, at our story’s center, teach us to hope, to love again, to trust—and that building trust takes time.

Rushmeyer tells a tale of friendship, generations old secrets that have wiggled their way into the present, pirates and treasure, and rare books worth a pretty penny themselves.

Though Rushmeyer touched on issues like PTSD, human trafficking, grief, and family trauma and drama—she did so delicately, with grace and respect. Yet, handling them delicately didn’t mean Rushmeyer painted over the ugliness of our world; she shared a realistic picture without being graphic.

If you’re in the mood for a read that’s neither heavy nor light with a hint of mystery and romance, check this one out!


Tough topics, in addition to PTSD, human trafficking, grief, and family trauma include foster care issues, dementia, and violence.


“The family stories aren’t just fables.”

Hope’s Mom, LOC 244

“The memories, the panic. They can blindside you out of nowhere. Creeping monsters, always watching and waiting.”

Hope, LOC 1109

“Sometimes you have to stop moving. Crush the fear by standing still.”

Ronan, LOC 1914

“Throughout history, food is what brings people together at the end of the day. They laugh—they share. A meal helps people celebrate or commiserate, as the case may be. Food is community.”

Abe, LOC 3097

Relish the simple pleasures and the quiet heartbeats God has given you.

Ulysses, LOC 4509


Trust dismantled can feel irreparable, and nothing seems safe. Yet, in His goodness and kindness, God meets us even there. He invites us to trust again through His love and through the love of people who are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

To celebrate her tour, Mollie is giving away the grand prize package of a eBook or signed paperback copy (paperback U.S. Only) of The Bookshop of Secrets and a $50 Amazon gift card!

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*I was given a copy of this book for free. I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review. All comments and opinions are my own.

I’d love to hear from you! What Mollie Rushmeyer book is your favorite? What were your thoughts on this one? Have you read another mystery books you enjoyed? Or what are you reading right now that you really love? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Looks like an interesting book.
    Thanks for the contest. 


    1. You’re welcome! It was definitely an enjoyable read!


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